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Harness the Power of Manifesting your Desires.

After working with woman for so many years, it is obviously clear Many of us suffer from feelings of lack, of self-worth, true desires and struggle to be completely honest to themselves about who they are and what they truly want.

So often we judge ourselves for desiring in the first place.

We often feel greedy, guilty, shame or dam wrong for wanting more love,

more money,

more happiness.

I know many woman my self included who play small, hold back and literally sabotage their whle lives because of this.


Enough is Enough!

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I grew up in a chaotic household where love almost always seemed out of reach. Where on the outside we looked like we were financially sound middle class and yet money was inconsistent.

I have lived a less than life, struggling to pay bills, living paycheck to paycheck, a total mess. Where I never felt I could catch a break.

Finally, I woke up...

I committed to changing

my mind

my emotions and most importantly my energetic patterns.

I changed me.

I created new belief systems

I created a new story.

I allowed myself to receive, to be enough.

I learned so much about attacking my desires and creating my life dreams.

I learned to manifest.

Every day I embody learning more and more about the vibration of money, love, and happiness.

I understand how i generate, recieve, invest, give with ease and pleasure.

This is only possible because of my relationship with love, trust, happiness, money and most importantly myself.

The relationship develops and grows over time.

I am always learning more and more.

You can too!

I am always supporting people, places, and businesses for more good in the world.

I am becoming more

Learning more

Being more

It all started with a belief i could be more.

A far cry from the little girl who hid away.


All those years i told myself I am a wealthy woman.

I am living my best life.

I am loved and love so very deeply.

NOW I am living my best life and forever growing.

Outrageous desires motivate me to know and it has to help unlimited amounts of women.

My superpower is helping woman see their patterns of unworthiness and help release their inner Divine power through incredibly high energy. (my programs are seen as messages of energy to those that have enrolled)

Holding LOVE, SPACE, and HIGH INTEGRITY around my teachings of 


Giving and receiving with ease. Whilst supporting my own ethis and ideas that allign with my desires.

Teaching you to do the same!

It's never just about money, security, happiness, love, or freedom.

It's about the opportunity to live your best life, to overcome, to grow. No matter what you have been told. Itis very possible

To be super Rich

To be super Happy

To be completely Loved

If You Desire To...

  • Lay a solid foundation in receiving and giving

  • Get firm in ways of thinking and believing that will empower you.

  • Heal, forgive and release all negative roots holding you back.

  • Increase your self worth Money= Love and vis versa

  • Plenty of Worksheets and journal prompts.

  • Get truly aligned with your desires and know you are worth them.

  • Shift into a receiving state, learn to trust the chaos, and always see the advantages.

  • Clear your resistance blockages to pure energetic commitment within you.

  • Many ah-ha moments to see your own patterns that you may never have seen.

  • Learn to manifest faster with clarity and conviction.

  • Play on repeat over and over to absorb in your subconscious.

It's about no longer having to say no to your desires.

It's about correcting your path towards a chosen future based on what your soul came here to do.

You will learn to heal your old wounds holding you back and as you dothe life you desire will come flooding in.

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired.

unhappy and feeling as though you never quite manifest the desires you desire.

It's Time You Learn...

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  • Module 1: The Art to Manifesting.
    We reveal exclusive techniques for optimising your calling to the Universe so that it fully understands your intentions Learn how to create momentum toward fulfilling your life's goals, dreams and desires. Put those fears, doubts and anxious feelings at bay by learning how to master the Law of Non-Resistance. Become more in tune with your own intentions so that you can always be sure you are correctly aligned with your life's most important goals and your deepest desires. Discover how to increase your vibration and positive energy to enable you to be more in line with your desires. Design your personal Soul Sanctuary, that sacred and profound place, which provides the optimal environment for manifesting your desires.
  • Module 2: Visualisation
    In this module you will develop the ability to get your subconsciousness to align your vibration to your desires. Gain a deeper understanding of the distinction between visualisation and visioning. Create a vision board, in which you will master the process for aligning your vibration with the frequency of your desires to manifest your desires with quick results. Take control of your subconsciousness and learn how science and spirituality meet in the visioning process. Gain exclusive access to our 5-Step Alignment Process through which you will unlock the secret of moving your energy to take on the quality of positive vibrations needed for manifesting. Develop a full in-depth understanding of the Law of Vibration and learn why mastering this is just as key to the ability to manifest as the Law of Attraction. BONUS! Learn how to write an invocation that will draw you closer to the person you hope to grow into in your future – in other words, the 'self' which has finally successfully manifested all of your desires and life goals.
  • Module 3: Gratitude
    Here we will teach you the inner secrets of how to harness the unique power of gratitude, which will have the effect of enhancing your ability to manifest. The Gratitude module is designed to ensure your energy is constantly flowing with positivity and as it does it will come more into line with your unique vibrations. Moreover, we will give you sophisticated ways of tweaking your way of thinking that will enable you to feel awash with positivity in every facet of your life. Discover the dual processes of trust and surrender to your desires. We've seen many people lacking the ability to manifest because they lack these two key skills. Learn how to let go of the negative energy both within you and without you e.g. that found in negative people who surround you. Learn to accept that uncertainty is a part of your life so that it doesn't distract and cause anxiety when trying to manifest your desires. Become more open to the possibilities in your life. This will create stronger manifestations, which may just surprise you by being even better than you ever imagined possible! Gain access to the 7-Day Gratitude Challenge. This is designed to make you a more reflective person and become better aware of and more in tune with your vibrations in order to make your desires reality. You will also receive a reference guide featuring the most important manifesting principles. Become master over your uncertainty and doubt by doing away with those 'should, woulda, coulda' questions you've been asking yourself all this time. These kids of questions prevent you from manifesting your desires.
  • Module 4: Subconscious Mind
    Learn how to infuse your intentions and positive energy into your subconscious mind so that they permeate every facet of your life, from waking to sleeping. Inducing you into a powerful state of positive energy and thinking. ​​ Develop a flowing energy within every part of your life so that you are not preoccupied and confused which keeps you away from all your life's desires. Do away with what are called 'every knots' which constantly arise in the individual who doesn't manifest effectively. Learn about Kaizen and how it can enhance your entire life and make you into a successful manifestor. Get your life in a coherent order which enables your energy to flow with more force and effectiveness towards your desires. Create energy boundaries to keep you on the path to achieving your desires. Learn how to gently release people from your life who harbour negative energy that prevents you from successfully manifesting and keeping your energy flow positive and going in the right direction. Learn to utilise the Simple and Effective Energy Rituals bring peace of mind into your life. In addition, we'll give you two exclusive Energy Management Bonuses just by signing up! BONUS! Learn how to create a peaceful and positive living space through our 7 step program that will show you how to remove the negative energy and remove the noise and clutter, leaving you with the perfect environment to manifest your goals and desires.
  • Module 5: Forgiveness
    This module will set the foundation for your ability to forgive yourself and others. When you begin to release all pain, all trapped emotions you can be free to create the life you dream of. We will show you how to: Learn how to write letters of forgiveness and then release trapped emotions. Ask a series of critical questions to uncover what you really are feeling. Fully understand where your mind and heart really are to help develop deeper happiness and greater freedom. Gain a full understanding of the true reasons that you unintentionally subvert your own intentions and learn how to prevent them from happening again. BONUS! Learn the most powerful and insightful question you can ask whenever you reach a crisis point in your life and have to get ours from under it. Learning this will immediately change the situation you are in.
  • Bonuses and Extra resources!
    BONUS! Money Manifesting Abundance ​​ Learn a series of powerful rituals that will put you on the fast track to wealth and happiness You will receive printable worksheets to create your very own unique manifesting map, that will give you a tangible reminder of what you are aiming for out of life. Receive several journals to record your innermost thoughts by causing you to enter deep reflection. We will also give you a number of quick reference guides so that you can be sure you are always on the right course to manifesting your desires.
  • BONUS! Meditation Affirmation Track
    Learn how to remove negative thoughts from your mind and negativity from others to create the perfect space to manifest your desires. An exclusive MP3 soundtrack that will induce you into the right frame of mind for manifesting Help create your unique soul sanctuary through a series of relaxing and comforting tunes.

What You Get.

Total value = £497

All of the above for TODAY Only £22

For the first 10 to sign up, will have a personal  1:1 call to create their very own manifestation plan!


As well as seeing your reality change, clients often report raises, new jobs, new clients, money from unexpected sources, new skill sets, much more confidence, and happiness.

Simply by playing the videos on repeat, and doing the inner and outer work needed.

You cannot let yourself miss out!

 "Thank you so much!
Since joining i have finally gotten my new job role after years of feeling so stuck."
Gemma Tyler

 "It's like a light went on, I have learned so much. More money is coming into my life with ease"
Sienna Markson

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