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How loving yourself is a key to manifesting your desires!

Loving Yourself to Manifest what You Desire. Many of you are saying“ I Love Myself!” Well, the ones that are speaking the loudest maybe the ones who need to keep reading this and maybe twice. Loving yourself to attract what you desire can involve any category or circumstance you are currently working on now.

What area’s in Life Do I Include?

Everything. I’m speaking about self love, external love, obtaining physical possessions, finding the right job with the right pay in the right location with the right co-workers. It may include your family, manifesting the right car or home, good friends etc. All of these depend on you.

How can a lack of love for myself stop me from manifesting in my life?

The real question is: How can it not? Everything starts from within. Your Heart and Love is the seat of the soul where everything is possible and it starts from loving yourself. Question: How many people do you know can give freely but can’t receive? They feel so awful to take or receive. I know of many people like this and I use to be one. Is this You? Example: Someone gives you a gift and then you must buy that person something even though there is no special occasion. You just can’t accept a gift.

How can not loving yourself stop me from manifesting?

On a subconscious level you must know that you are deserving of all that you desire in order for you to manifest it into your life. You must see it, believe that it is obtainable and take action with bold faith. It’s not like that for many. People tend to sacrifice themselves to everyone except themselves. You want that new car but you believe the money is better in the bank to leave to family members in case you are no longer around. You want a dress but you must help your family pay their bills or that occupation but don’t thing your good enough so you remain where you are. Sound familiar?

How can the universe supply you with what you want if you don’t think your deserving of it?

How? I am deserving of everything I desire because I am a child of God, made in it’s image. It is my birth right. I love myself. I no longer place myself in situations where there is a lack of love. Yes, ladies and gentlemen. Those relationships. Are you in a relationship that you just know it’s just not right for you and you stay in it? Well how are you going to manifest happiness if you come home to disappointment everyday or insist on staying with that mate that insults you, harasses or physically harms you? This is a lack of self love.

What can we do?

For myself, I am manifesting all that I need in my life and will not deviate off my path. Look in the mirror into your eyes and love the person you see. Love the child in yourself and forgive all those including yourself that may have hurt you in the past, now and better yet in the future. Why wait?

What else can I do?

Tell your family or children that you love them everyday, in fact multiple times a day and give them a hug. You get what you give out. Know that you are deserving of that job and lift your head and boldly move forward and get what is yours. Now if it does not work out as planned, don’t give up try again and again until you reach your destination. A reminder: Things sometimes appear worse when your on your path. It’s when thing get rough you must not quit. Send out love to everything and everyone including your self. For some reason love releases those in bondage into a place of freedom.

What you hold onto creates your new experiences and reality.

When you love yourself you know that you are deserving and your entire posture, aura, personality changes into that of confidence and poise. Many people are still on the same job, in the same position not because they do not want a promotion but because they feel they are not worthy and/or think others possess something that they do not have. Again I say love yourself and accept the gifts the infinite intelligence have for you.

Let’s say:

Everyday I awake knowing that I love myself. I boldly move forward in all endeavors knowing that because I love myself I am deserving of all my desires and expect to manifest it in my life. What the universe has done for others it can do for me and even more so,

I claim my inheritance

So if you are in a relationship you do not desire, you have a lack of love for yourself. If you are in a career you do not think is best for you and not making any attempts to change it, You have a lack of love for yourself. If you want to buy something nice for yourself after 2 weeks of working 8hrs daily and don’t buy it because you have to help someone else, you have a lack of love for yourself.

The universe can only manifest things into your life if you see it, believe that you can have it and take action.

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