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This is the ultimate program to transform your life:


The Secret Power to Manifest Course


Harness the power of manifesting your desires.


Learn how to master the power of manifesting your desires and develop the tactics you need to transform your life at every point through the unique law of attraction.

With our manifesting map, you can fill your life with greater freedom, stronger health, enhanced wealth and enriched love by learning how to manifest these key elements for yourself.


We believe that this map is the single most important aspect that provides you with the guidance your life needs in order to design a fulfilling life. A lack of knowledge of this powerful map may be stopping you from developing the richness your life could have.


Don't hold your breath, we know it feels like a big ask!


We know what we're asking you to do may feel too big a leap but our commitment to your health and happiness can be realised through this course.

Simply sign up to this course and you will be well on your way to generating your life's deepest desires.


However you define success in your life with this course you can manifest all of your desires for a life abounding in greater love, wealth, freedom and anything you desire. No matter how often you feel you've failed to manifest your desires this course can put things finally put things right.


As you read on, we'll show you how to start manifesting more quickly and efficiently than you may even think possible. This powerful manifesting will cause people to start looking up to you in wonder at the transformations they will start witnessing in your life.


But let's start with clearing one important thing up first. It's a way of thinking that has invaded people's lives and prevents them from seeing the life they want coming into fruition.


It's become part of popular culture to believe that all it takes to start seeing success in your life is to simply “ask, believe, receive” and thinking this is good enough to change in your life.


The popular mantra 'Just believe in yourself' is often just a fast track to subvert all your intentions. We are firm believers that belief in yourself is the natural starting point to manifesting your desires and we happily espouse this as a core principle to manifesting.

However, in our experience, we have found that many people just leave off right there. Whilst 'belief' in itself is important, it cannot be the endpoint. What's needed is to go beyond this, otherwise, you will only end up experiencing success in your life some of the time.


And although until now you have struggled to make permanent, successful changes in your life but don't let this keep you down. The good news is, you're not the one to blame. The even better news is you have an inner natural ability to manifest your desires.


You've found making your intentions a reality challenging because...

...all this while you have been holding back your own natural abilities to manifest desires. It's been counter-productive.


However, you are not the only one.


We have seen countless people in the same situation experiencing inconsistency which resulted in destroying their trust in the law of attraction.

What we learned was that these people were trying to manifest their intentions without a clear guide and directions on how to successfully manifest. Ultimately their own broken belief system was getting in the way of manifesting their desires.

If you recognise your own story in this, don't worry, we have the solution for you. We seen people move from being inspired in their beliefs to uncertainty and anxiety creeping into their lives, much like being on a rollercoaster but once they were given the direction they needed they started to see positive changes in their lives.


They began to stop themselves from being overcome with feelings of worry and doubt and take firm and decisive steps, beginning by telling the Universe precisely what they were after for their lives.


The number 1 obstacle stopping you from manifesting!

Listen up! Here is the biggest obstacle that is preventing you from manifesting your desires effectively...


Lack of the right guidance


We believe that not have the right, focused and accurate guidance you need is the single most significant problem keeping you from successfully manifesting.


The countless people we have spoken with have revealed that many simply just don't know where to start.


Moreover, most of these people find themselves being given advice from people, (well-intentioned or not) that actually inhibits their manifestations.


For this reason, you need a dedicated guide to manifesting your desires successfully.

You need to be equipped with clear thinking, guidance and the right tools to see your intentions manifesting.


You need to be able to move past the concerns and worries that pop up in your journey and discourage you.


The difficulty is finding the right tools to do the job. But thankfully, we have the experience and know-how. And with that experience and know how we've been diligently working away to create a dedicated and powerful manifesting tool that will give you the guidance you need to manifest your destiny.



This is why we are excited to bring you...

The Secret Power to Manifest Course

Unlock the Secret Power to Manifest Map and start seeing instant results with our unique online course.




You'll be amazed how quickly you'll be able to start manifesting all your life's desires and with that will come a feeling of rejuvenation and excitement as you see the results of your manifesting map come to fruition.


Our course is not only educational and instructional but inspirational, motivational and easy to follow.


But moreover, we guarantee our course is the best out there. We believe our course is the most effective way to start seeing your life's intentions become reality and see health, wealth and happiness coming your way.


Stories of lost hope to transformation


We've heard so many personal testimonies that speak to how The Secret Power to Manifest Map has changed their lives in the deepest way


Many people tell us that before discovering The Secret Power to Manifest Map they were in negative or even dire situations; from worry over how to pay the next set of bills to heartbreaking splits from their partners to abandonment by family members. They reached a point of desperation not knowing where to turn.


Some struggled to feed themselves, some worried at how to get out from an abusive relationship and many felt anxiety and even shame and not being able to provide for their children. They desired release into a new life and freedom to pursue happiness and when they finally came to the end of themselves they decided to take charge and find a way out into a new life.


That's when they discovered The Secret Power to Manifest and were amazed at the life-changing results they began seeing. From manifesting a dramatic increase in finances to moving into the home of their dreams to finally meet their soul mate.

Through our own experiences of discovering just what works, we've curated only the most important and effective manifesting techniques.

And we are eager to share all of these techniques with you!





Introducing: The Secret Power to Manifest Course

The only manifesting map you need to manifest all of your life's desire.

We've created this unique 30 steps manifesting course that will bring fast results into your life. And you can get exclusive access to this power formula through this page.

Our course is the only tool you need to transform your life.





You will unlock...

  1. Unique power to manifest

  2. Restored hope for the future

  3. True stories of genuine change

  4. Inspiration

  5. Worksheets and journals

  6. Reference guides



These are the keys you need to unlock the power of manifesting in every part of your life, even when you have repeatedly failed to manifest your intentions.

We give you all the instruction, direction and tactic you will need to implement your manifesting map.

And as you move through this life-changing journey you will feel encouraged as you begin to


master your manifesting powers.

Take a look at what you will receive when you sign up to the Secret Power to Manifesting Course:


You will be gaining access to the finest manifesting course you can find that will transform your life's desires into reality.


Our course consists of 30 parts that follow over 7 distinct modules, each designed to encourage and empower your manifesting abilities and get you nearer to finally fulfilling your desires.


Module 1: Forgiveness

This module will set the foundation for your ability to manifesting your desires by helping you to get truly in touch with them. When you begin to develop a greater affinity with your desires you will start attracting all your desires and dreams into your life. We will show you how to:


  •   Learn how to build into your life all of your desires and intentions so you can live the life you've always wanted with zeal and energy.

  •   Ask a series of critical questions to uncover what you really want out of your life. Fully understanding your mind and heart will help develop deeper happiness and greater freedom.

  •   Easy to follow techniques for developing a clear understanding for getting the Universe to respond to all your intentions. Without this key step, your intentions are sure to fail!

  •      Gain a full understanding of the true reasons that you unintentionally subvert your own intentions and learn how to prevent them from happening again.

  •   BONUS! Learn the most powerful and insightful question you can ask whenever you reach a crisis point in your life and have to get ours from under it. Learning this will immediately change the situation you are in.


Module 2: Visualisation

In this module you will develop the ability to get your subconsciousness to align your vibration to your desires

Gain a deeper understanding of the distinction between visualisation and visioning.



  •   Create a vision board, in which you will master the process for aligning your vibration with the frequency of your desires to manifest your desires with quick results.

  •   Take control of your subconsciousness and learn how science and spirituality meet in the visioning process.

  •   Gain exclusive access to our 5-Step Alignment Process through which you will unlock the secret of moving your energy to take on the quality of positive vibrations needed for manifesting.

  •   Develop a full in-depth understanding of the Law of Vibration and learn why mastering this is just as key to the ability to manifest as the Law of Attraction.

  •   BONUS! Learn how to write an invocation that will draw you closer to the person you hope to grow into in your future – in other words, the 'self' which has finally successfully manifested all of your desires and life goals.


Module 3: Negative Clearing

Learning how to effectively harness and tune your energy is crucial to becoming a successful manifestor. In this module, we'll show you how to clear you mind and subconsciousness of negative thoughts as well as how to manage and fully embrace your energy to effectively attune your inner vibration with your unique frequency of love.

The steps in this module will reveal how you can keep your energy flow on track to successfully move towards manifesting all your intentions. In this module we will show you how to:


  •   Learn about and harness the power of The Energy Triad to bring into your life greater happiness, bigger love and a deeper sense of peace.

  •   Develop the key techniques for clearing your negative energy and embracing the positive energy you need so your vibration is aligned with your frequency of love.

  •   Discover the 3 steps in the Thought Vibration Ladder, which you will utilise to immediately transform your negative feelings from negative to positive.

  •   Learn the E+ROI Formula which is an indispensible method to keep you grounded within a positive vibration day in, day out.

  •   Gain greater insight into your energy awareness to allow you to remain on the right course towards manifesting your desires powerfully and effectively.

  •   Learn precisely the reason affirmations have been subverting your ability to successfully manifest and how to put in place a solid solution put you on the right course to manifesting.

  •   Learn and develop language pattern analysis methods that harness your relationships to empower your manifesting abilities.

  •   We'll give you the keys to unlock each successive level of energy as you move towards manifesting your desires.


Module 4: Subconscious Mind

Learn how to infuse your intentions and positive energy into your subconscious mind so that they permeate every facet of your life, from waking to sleeping. Inducing you into a powerful state of positive energy and thinking.


  •   Develop a flowing energy within every part of your life so that you are not preoccupied and confused which keeps you away from all your life's desires. Do away with what are called 'every knots' which constantly arise in the individual who doesn't manifest effectively.

  •   Learn about Kaizen and how it can enhance your entire life and make you into a successful manifestor.

  •   Get your life in a coherent order which enables your energy to flow with more force and effectiveness towards your desires.

  •   Create energy boundaries to keep you on the path to achieving your desires.

  •   Learn how to gently release people from your life who harbour negative energy that prevents you from successfully manifesting and keeping your energy flow positive and going in the right direction.

  •   Learn to utilise the Simple and Effective Energy Rituals bring peace of mind into your life.

In addition, we'll give you two exclusive Energy Management Bonuses just by signing up!


BONUS! Learn how to create a peaceful and positive living space through our 7 step program that will show you how to remove the negative energy and remove the noise and clutter, leaving you with the perfect environment to manifest your goals and desires.


Module 5: Gratitude

Here we will teach you the inner secrets of how to harness the unique power of gratitude, which will have the effect of enhancing your ability to manifest. The Gratitude module is designed to ensure your energy is constantly flowing with positivity and as it does it will come more into line with your unique vibrations.

Moreover, we will give you sophisticated ways of tweaking your way of thinking that will enable you to feel awash with positivity in every facet of your life.


  •   Discover the dual processes of trust and surrender to your desires. We've seen many people lacking the ability to manifest because they lack these two key skills.

  •   Learn how to let go of the negative energy both within you and without you e.g. that found in negative people who surround you.

  •   Learn to accept that uncertainty is a part of your life so that it doesn't distract and cause anxiety when trying to manifest your desires.

  •   Become more open to the possibilities in your life. This will create stronger manifestations, which may just surprise you by being even better than you ever imagined possible!

  •   Gain access to the 7-Day Gratitude Challenge. This is designed to make you a more reflective person and become better aware of and more in tune with your vibrations in order to make your desires reality.

  •   You will also receive a reference guide featuring the most important manifesting principles.

  •   Become master over your uncertainty and doubt by doing away with those 'should, woulda, coulda' questions you've been asking yourself all this time. These kids of questions prevent you from manifesting your desires.

    Module 6: Believe and Achieve

    As you move through this module you will begin to experience your energy flow picking up momentum and growing into a mindful positivity of believing and achieving.

    We want you to enjoy life and this module will help you to realise how you can do just that.

  •   Learn how to take advantage of supportive energy that will uplift and uphold you throughout your journey to making your intentions manifest or making your dreams a reality.

  •   We'll show you how to craft a letter you will write to your future self.

  •   Learn what your true priority and purpose are, when you take part in the process of manifesting. You'll soon learn that without your knowledge of this you'll be preventing yourself from successfully manifesting.

  •   You will create your own 'celebration ritual', which will take place before and after you have manifested your desires. This will induce them to happen more quickly and with greater joy.

  •   Discover unique and exclusive ways to manifest an abundance of great joy into you life right now!


Module 7: The Art to Manifesting.

  We reveal exclusive techniques for optimising your calling to the Universe so that it fully understands your intentions


  •   Learn how to create momentum toward fulfilling your life's goals, dreams and desires.

  •   Put those fears, doubts and anxious feelings at bay by learning how to master the Law of


  •   Become more in tune with your own intentions so that you can always be sure you are correctly aligned with your life's most important goals and your deepest desires.

  •   Discover how to increase your vibration and positive energy to enable you to be more in line with your desires.

  •   Design your personal Soul Sanctuary, that sacred and profound place, which provides the optimal environment for manifesting your desires.


Bonuses and Extra resources!

BONUS! Money Manifesting Abundance


  •   Learn a series of powerful rituals that will put you on the fast track to wealth and happiness

  •   You will receive printable worksheets to create your very own unique manifesting map, that

    will give you a tangible reminder of what you are aiming for out of life.

  •   Receive several journals to record your innermost thoughts by causing you to enter deep reflection.

  •   We will also give you a number of quick reference guides so that you can be sure you are always on the right course to manifesting your desires.


  • BONUS! Meditation Affirmation Track

  •   Learn how to remove negative thoughts from your mind and negativity from others to create the perfect space to manifest your desires.

  •   An exclusive MP3 soundtrack that will induce you into the right frame of mind for manifesting

  •   Help create your unique soul sanctuary through a series of relaxing and comforting tunes.


Starting today you can finally start manifesting your desires

Take a moment to sink into deep thought when you start enacting the carefully created and tested steps in our course and you start finally seeing your desires becoming reality.



Simply by receiving our course direct to your inbox, you will feel happier and more joyous because you've already taken the first step towards a better you, towards a better life.


Imagine being able to relax and unwind as you read through our course; being encouraged by real-life success stories, enhancing your manifesting technique through our lessons and feeling yourself awash with renewed hope.


You will begin to see how implementing each lesson leads to a more fruitful life by edging you nearer each day to your greatest desires.


Imagining brings you closer to the reality making creating excitement and eagerness that things can really change but don't stop at imagining... take the next step and sign up to answer you've been looking for.


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 This course has changed people's lives sometimes in just mere days!


By signing up to The Secret Power to Manifest Course you will receive:

  •   Unlock your destiny through exclusive access to the Secret Power to Manifest Course.

  •   7 modules with 30 parts that will gently and easily guide you through the steps needed to transform your life.

  •   The tools, community and motivation you need to stay on course and maintain a renewed life.

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The Secret Power to Manifest Course has been carefully designed to allow you to create the life you want, a life you will want to embrace each day you live it. Created from our years of knowledge and experience, this course is packed with the methods, instruction and directions that I have seen work in my own life and that of our existing members.


Live your life with purpose and see it flourish in every area; whether enhanced relationships, improved financial health and all-around increase in joy and peace.


This course will allow you to become master of your own destiny. Taking control through successfully manifesting your heart's desires endlessly.



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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: “What ways will I see changes from The Secret Power to Manifest Course?”

A. This is the manifesting course that you will finally see results with. This course is designed to inspire you to greater things and fashion the kind of life you've been desiring.


Take a moment to visualise your deepest dreams and wishes that you've held for years and yet no idea how to make them come into fruition

Regardless of whether you have been successfully manifesting for years or are coming to this for the first time with little idea of what to expect just your hopes and desires, then our powerful and effective Secret Power to Manifest course will equip you with the tools you need to become an effective manifestor.


Q: “I'm worried that I won't stick with the course, can you tell me how I can stay inspired throughout my journey?”


I'm a big believer in community, which means I highly recommend getting plugged in and reaching out to what will be your online community. That's access to a multitude of inspirational and supportive members just like you eager to help you through your journey.


Q: “I've seen similar programs to The Secret Power to Manifest course. What makes this course stand out from the rest?

A. I have the experience and knowledge for manifesting as well as the testimony of many people who have found success through our course. It stands out in some big ways:

  • I teach you how to reach the depths of The Law of Attraction. Showing how you can take advantage of it to its full extent.

  • You invest in a community. I don't keep you at arms length as if this is only for those 'more enlightened' but with my guidance, you'll see how this is something you can achieve too.

  • I use a systematic methodology to direct you each step of the way towards manifesting.


  • Bringing the knowledge and personal experience to bear in this effective course that will show you how you can begin to manifest your desires. I'm all about real, tangible results and not just talk and nice theories. Experience true and actual transformation.


  • Q: “When can I access the course once I've signed up?”
    A. Instantly! As soon asnroll on our course, you will receive instant access to the full courseyoue

    and all the accompanying materials.

    Once you enrol you will receive an email from us with your login username and password enclosed as well as instructions on what to do next and how to access the course.


Q: “Life is just so hectic, where will I ever find the time to complete it?!”
A. The great thing about our course is that you can see your intentions become reality completely at your own pace!


Even by working through the course at your own pace you will pick up vital lessons and meditating on them even in your busy day to day life will slowly see them working in you bringing positive changes.



Out of the blue, we got $227 cheque in the post and my husband got a new job with a higher salary! Thank you universe and thanks to Hana for the amazing course.
Samatha Lee
The gifts keep coming. I'm so very blessed and grateful for the power to manifest. I'm now open to receiving.
Kira Yates