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My name is Hana Peters. I'm the creator to manifesting Magic. I'm a multiple business entrepreneur and author.
My path - Is to help you realise the powers that lay within. To claim back what's rightfully yours and become a manifesting master. Having inspired thousands of people across the world, to make their life magic, will you join us?

The Art to Manifesting course

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Start Manifesting Magic

Start Manifesting Magic is book 1 of a complete series in helping you become the true creator of a remarkable life.

In this book, the exact steps are shown

that helped me go from a debt, poverty-stricken life to one of wealth, happiness and true meaning.


Part 1 of the course

lays the foundations in building

your knowledge of Manifesting Magic.

Then moving into advanced techniques

once you have mastered the basics.


My mission is to reawaken the true powers that lay within you. To help you take control and create the destiny that is yours for the taking.


Are you ready to start manifesting magic?

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